The workshop is well-equipped with modern machinery and equipment and has following sections:

1. CNC

CNC Trainer Lathe, CNC Lathe Machine, CNC Trainer Mill, EDM, EDM Current EDM Shop

2. Machine Shop

Horizontal, Vertical, Universal Milling Machines, Shapers, Slotter, Planner, Gear Hobbling Machines, Centre less Grinder, Tool & Cutter Grinder

3. Turning Shop

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine, Lathe Machine with DRO, Copying Machine, Caps tern & Current Lathe, Radial Drilling Machine, Pedestal Grinder

4. Welding Shop

Arc Welding, TIG, MIG, SPOT, DC, Shearing Machine

5. Painting Shop

Powder Coating Machine, Spray Painting

6. Fitting Shop

Drilling Machine, Vices, Power Hacksaw, Circular Saw Machine

7. Foundry Shop

Power Hacksaw, Pit Furnace, Copula, Tilting Furnace, Moulding Machine

8. Carpentry Shop

Wood Working Lathe, Planner, Saw Machine

9. Sheet Metal

Furnace, Power hammer, Sheet Cutter Smithy

10. Electroplating

Rectifier, Buffering Lathe, Electroplating tank, Hamming Machine Shop