Government Polytechnic, Ambala City is situated in the heart of Ambala City. This city is known for its production of scientific instruments all over the world. It is also well known as city of mixies. Ambala is a main junction station which connects all the main stations of Northern India. At present, Ambala is witnessing very good growth of industries in an around the city. In the changing scenario, when the multi-national companies are being attracted towards India, the surroundings of this city... read more


To develop the Institute as Centre of Excellence for imparting Technical Education in the emerging technologies producing Technicians, Entrepreneurs, relevant to the real world of work & making them self-reliant as well as responsive to the industry and serving the society at large.


To strive for producing truly brilliant Technicians & successful Entrepreneurs with minimum input and maximum utility of available resources, meeting completely the aspirations of the stakeholders.

Principal's Message

In view of the rapid industrial growth, Polytechnics have to redefine themselves and come with shoulder to shoulder status with the industry. We must keep a tap with the industrial growth and a close interaction with the industry to developed status thereby assuming the role of instructor to the industry to develop human resources... read more